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Dreary & dusty, that's my perception on this toned-down hue of brown. In line with clothing, it's a certain color to wear during spring and autumn, but not apt in winter and summer. Nevertheless, I passed over the rule because we don't have snow here (yet?) haha. I'm still thankful that my semblance is ideal to the raging, blowy and chilly breeze we have here now which is obviously seen on my hair, what do you think?

The shade of brown could also speak of no
 direction just as I am togged up, from top to toe, with this monochromatic earth tone-ain't certain of what attitude to limn. Until I've come up with a long sleeve top mated to a skirt and booties on, a lovely damsel is exhibited then. Yes, this might have been a typical pattern these days, but a match of lace to leather, of sweet to grunge, I think these minutiae make it pretty unusual.

"Where's the leather??!!", you might ask with screaming voice. haha. Looking closely to my skirt, you can clearly see that it isn't made of ordinary fabrics, the brown stripes are in leather you see now? And when you try to look on the black portion, it has a resemblance of chiffon fabrics but this is actually made of creep papers. KIDDING! haha. Nah, I just can't figure out what kinda fabric is that, tell me please? But that is unique, indeed. 

These two photos are actually "SAYANG!" I am blurred! My bf/photorapher needs more practice! :)

Laces... floral and lovely laces I have on my top. I bought this two years ago and just store it in my closet on the grounds that I can't push myself into this track yet. It's overwhelming that somehow, I can now flaunt my most treasured pieces and share them to you, finaaallyy! Anyhow, I just adore how dainty this piece is especially when I turned my back. Do you see that V-shaped design with laces? Isn't it better when your piece has back details too? While most people commonly thought that it's enough to put all the details in front, you show it off, they throw compliments and it's over, why not turn their heads and get them surprised by flaunting your back with something that they could give another "wow" reaction? I'm pretty sure you won't get the same admiration; by that time, you'll be more worth -seeing in any angle, front or back, either.  

TOP: Thrifted
SKIRTS & BOOTS: Rummage Sale

Got something on your mind about this? I' d love to see your version!  

Hope you can hype this look on

 Credits to God! 

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  1. Love the skirt and you look great! :) My photographer for my blog is my husband.. :) By the way, I am inviting you to join my Pre-Valentines Giveaway. I am giving away Tricia Gosingtian’s Style Book in my blog. Join H E R E.

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  2. you look absolutely gorgeous, such a gorgeous figure, love your look, the colors are perfectly complimenting your skin tone, hair and eye color, just beautiful! the shoes are fab! Zhanna from


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