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12:36 AM

Hello everyone! 
I just can't hide my excitement because this would definitely be my first ever outfit post I"m gonna share to you now, after five arduous months I've battled just to be on the list of Licensed Teachers! ( Any words of congratulations before you continue scrolling down? hahaha) 

 Kiddin' aside, my looks here is not really my kinda version. You would have thought I'm into a teenage girly-chic. Oh, how I wish, but that's just my teenage dream! (So, why wear Marjh? haha!) Well, how can I blame the gravity for letting me fall in love with this skirt? As you look closer on the details of it, this was printed with cute lil' hearts- which speaks metaphorically about my myriad hearts for fashion. ❤❤

Colors matter. Despite the simplicity, colors can create a different vibe on your ensemble.I chose to match my skirt with a black top and a red cardigan because these are the dark hues I used to love! Red and black state a fit of rave or seduction, but this time, you can still cut a fine figure by putting them on a casual outfit like this one-sophistication remains anyways! Moreover, red can perfectly play around for this Yuletide season; in connection, I worn this outfit as we go out for Christmas shopping. How comfy, isn't it? T'was much more comfortable yet sleek and chic when I just carried a mini body bag and a pair of platform wedge sandals. 

And what's kinda "wow" about this outfit? My top and skirt were bought from a rummage sale (Ukay shop!) hihi. Turned off or on? Yes, I'm a certified customer of a low price tag yet so fab and unique pieces!  The next time, I'll give a feature about it! Haha

Top: Rummage Sale
Skirt: Divided by H&M (Rummage Sale)
Bag: Secosana 
Shoes: Janilyn 

Got something on your mind about this? I' d love to see your version!  

Hope you can hype this look on lookbook.nu

 Credits to God! 

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2 (mga) komento

  1. Nice :D
    I would be happy if you follow me on http://itistimeforwonderland.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey! Let me just start off my saying congrats on your job and your blog!
    That's so exciting!
    I love this look, that skirt is so cute!
    Have an amazing day!



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