Blogging Is Worth A Try

12:31 AM

If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done. 

Writing is one of my Achilles’ heel; it’s one of the arts I can’t be creative of. It really takes me more than a day just to think of the title, yet the body is still not included.  Though I’ll be a teacher in English soon, I never really got a hard time reading and writing tons of literary pieces just as the typical ones do. Coz you know where I drowned myself at? Call it FASHION! These big rounded eyes of mine were totally magnetized by it, indeed, it’s the reason why I have to dive in to BLOGGING.

FASHION. Fashion for me is simply my satisfaction. It’s not just about wearing what’s trendy, but stating my peculiarity in a fashionable way. It’s not about the brands, but the manner of my own styling and creativity. It’s not about pretty face, but how I feel beautiful the way I carry wardrobes confidently. It’s not more about fishing for compliments, but inspiring others on what I've got. (If I really got something?) In short,  it’s about my happiness and my happiness and my happiness. =) 

BLOGGING. When I realized that I can’t tear myself away on chic things and get inspired with those fashion icons, I can’t hang on but to get into the world of fashion. One thing to consider is putting up my own fashion blog, for compilation and expressing my thoughts more about fashion. Therefore, I should cut out my fear in writing, coz it’s mandatory. What’s impressive about blogging, it simply makes a woman smart and sophisticated. And it’s good to know that through fashion, I could intentionally fall in love with writing by and by! Sometimes, God will let you face your fears coz it could be the best way to get into what you really love. Writing is my fear, fashion is my love.  I also believe that blogging is not only for those who are born good writers, but it is also deserved by  those who are aspiring to be like one! 

Before, I was just sitting the whole day getting envy with the ladies in their fads, then it popped out in my mind that if other ladies can, why can’t I? There must be no hurdle if you feel like doing something.  Having a hundred percent confidence is enough to start. I may not born as a girl next door nor an author, but this time, I’m gonna make myself a fashionista and a blogger.  So, despite of being a totally newbie in fashion and blogging life, I have already accepted the ‘challenge’ shamelessly---to show off what I've got! 

So I welcome you guys here on my very first blog account, I'm patting on my back as well  coz I did make my dream come true!! :) Anyway, I don't wanna see eyebrows raising on me, clear? Kiddin' aside,  I hope this blog could last and be worth reading by anyone.  I look forward to a major transformation you and I could have through it. I do hope it’s all worth a try!  

with much appreciation,

(^^,) marjh (^^,)

Credits to GOD!

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  1. Best of luck to you my dear. Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

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