Buckle Down Not Under

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You'll never appreciate a less noticeable piece until you've styled it.
Just as when my rounded eyes landed to this three-quartered length sleeves on a rummage sale, at first sight I wonder when to use and how to style it knowing that this isn't a trendy piece.

 I've got a second thought of not buying it, but still, you see me wearing it now. I purchased it to best avoid regrets; because in rummage sale, there's only one piece available in every item, it's a now or never policy. This is as low as 5php, anyways! 

I know what you see in me: a school girl, a flight attendant, or Sailor Moon version 2.0 either. Yes, this look is cut from the same cloth of the aforementioned, but being one? It's a triple no,no,no! I'm done with my schooling with not so satisfied uniforms, yet unfinished to go after my dream of becoming a flight attendant, not to be the next Sailor Moon 2.0. haha! What's really good in fashion and style, there's no such dress code nor rules and regulations to comply with, we are all free to go beyond our limitations, dress up in any version we like to be and flaunt to many. As long as we feel like dressing this look up, so be it! 

I tried something new by wearing something old. With oversize buttons and the bell-like wide hem on the sleeves make this top so vintage. It's also cool because it's a cropped top, considering that cropped top is a mainstream piece. So to keep my vintage look still on trend, I matched it with a skater skirt. There's now a balance between old and new. 

Of course, who wouldn't be beguiled with a pair of shoes with more than one strap buckle? I bought this on a rummage sale for only 180php. A bit expensive compared to my other shoes. haha! Something classy has come out on this look because of this pair. This totally complement my newfangled vintage self-colored look as they go all in navy blue. 

The idiomatic title of this look was originated from my three strap buckle shoes. (Can't get rid of it! hihi!) Not to be so dramatic, but seriously, once you've got the chance to dive in into something, there should be no point of turning back. Just in my case, I'm a newbie blogger, beginnings are the hardest, some bloggers have gone their way so far, a thousand miles ahead of me, but I have no other choice but to give my best shot, dedication and passion. I compare not but be inspired with them for the road we've taken are just the same. So, no matter what-when-how, just buckle down, never buckle under, for fulfillment of dreams & happiness will go buckle up on you! (Here's a tissue paper. :'D)

TOP: Three-Quartered Length Sleeves - Glacier/Rummage Sale
SKIRT: Plain Skater Skirt - Rara's Closet
SHOES: 3 Strap Buckle Shoes - Dusto/Rummage Sale

Got something on your mind about this look? I' d love to see your version! 

Hope you can hype this look on lookbook.nu

Credits to God! 
❤ Cheerio! ❤ 

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  1. Thanks so much for your comment dear! I think you have great style and a very nice blog. I love this outfit on you and love your shoes!
    I'm your #10 follower on GFC and would love for you to follow back! Have a great day and keep in touch!
    Easy Outfits, by Pip


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